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Imagine a playground where students from all over the world gather to play and learn with each other. There’s something for everyone. You can learn individually or as a group, with familiar friends or with new friends from other parts of the world. But if you want to have fun learning, this is your Playground.

If you’re tired of taking general tests that are either too easy or too difficult, don’t worry. Knowledge Playground challenges can adapt to your learning level. You can even take individual challenges to monitor your own progress with a customized report.

Teachers, coaches and parents can assign work to you, and the system will mark and grade it. Our system will generate an individualized report for you to show to your mentor. We could also provide an individualized monthly report, so that you or your mentor can monitor your progress throughout the year.

Currently, the challenges focus on four core subjects that are used in all public schools in Singapore. They are Math, Science, English, and Chinese (optional).

In the Knowledge Playground, you may never have all the answers. But together, we can answer many more questions. So go ahead and ask any question you want on our Global Forum. You can make new friends, form new study groups and simply chat with other learners from around the world.

Best of all, this Playground is available on any device with a good Internet browser – for free!

Join us at the Playground, to learn to live to love 

Dr. Jason Ong
Founder and CEO
Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd

About the founder

Jason grew up in a household of 13 children with his parents barely making ends meet. As a child, though he was eager to learn, he did not have adequate support and wound up falling behind in school.

His peers jeered him for failing the PSLE. This sent him to reclusion where he found sanctuary at a nearby playground. It was here that he was allowed to be himself, learn and discover new things at his own pace without being ridiculed by his peers.

Though he also failed badly in his secondary school years, he knew he had potential regardless of what his peers and teachers in school said back then; he just needed proper guidance – and learning opportunities.

Jason eventually completed his ‘O’ Levels as a private student while working as a mechanic to support himself and eventually went on to work as a junior staff in an MNC. He continued to work and study and attended unending night classes that eventually led him to embark on a Masters in Business Administration.

As Jason would discover, having the support of a study group made learning fun and easier too. After a few painstaking years, Jason graduated with an MBA degree, but this did not put an end to learning for him. Soon after, he went into education business where he travelled extensively within Asia. Seven years later, he gave up his successful business to inspire his two children in education where he embarked on the final leg of his academic journey – a doctorate in Education.

Jason graduated successfully, after 4 ½ years of full-time concentration. His son followed with a Masters in Education from Harvard University; and his daughter with a Masters in Nursing from Sydney University. Today, Jason does everything he can as a lecturer to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation. However, he often sees children who are troubled and in need of guidance just like he once did. From this emerged the idea of The Knowledge Playground.

The Knowledge Playground is a platform upon which students can access quality learning materials which include free assessment papers. With the vision of providing education, guidance and peer support, the Knowledge Playground will remain a freely accessible platform to offer students of every socioeconomic background the support they need to flourish. All that is required is the desire to learn and an open heart to share.

Our Vision

To Learn. To Live. To Love

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